SD Gundam: SD Sengokuden: Kunitori Monogatari

By G.B. World, March 24, 1990


Game Boy gets its first strategy game and its first Gundam game… and Kunitori Monogatari is pretty lousy at being either. Rather than depicting a cool Gundam, this is about chubby robot suits in ancient Japan. And the cumbersome strategy interface yields to some absolute rock-bottom barrel-scraping fighting game. Disastrous.

SD Gundam: SD Sengokuden: Kunitori Monogatari

Japanese title: SD Gundam: SD Sengokuden: Kunitori Monogatari • SDガンダム SD戦国伝 国盗り物語
Publisher: Bandai
Release date: 3.24.1990 [JP]
Genre: Strategy/Fighting
Super Game Boy: No support
Previous in series: SD Gundam World Map Collection [Famicom, 1989]
Next in series: SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Monogatari [Famicom, 1990]
Similar titles: Game Boy Wars [Intelligent Systems/Nintendo1989]


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