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2019 Nov. 23: Caught up with posts through the current run of Game Boy Works, though they still need image galleries attached. 2018 April 28: Posted Side Pocket….

Go! Go! Tank!

A frustrating action puzzle game that crashes and burns due to its awful control interface.

Square Deal

A falling-block puzzle game that is also a poker-inspired card-matching game.

Parasol Henbee

A Chubby Cherub-esque platformer based on a short-lived Japanese animation by the creator of Doraemon.


The all-time arcade classic goes portable in a decent enough rendition that leaves room for improvement.


Yet another busted and tedious attempt to bite off Dragon Quest‘s success.

David Crane’s The Rescue of Princess Blobette

The exploratory puzzle-like NES platformer shows up on Game Boy in a massively stripped-down form.

Trump Boy II

Pretty much just the first Trump Boy, hastily reissued to take advantage of the 4-Player Adapter.

F1 Race

A technological marvel: A 3D racing game for as many as four players, on Game Boy.

Rolan’s Curse

A flawed but well-meaning attempt to do the Zelda thing, or something like it.

After Burst

A fun idea—a puzzle platform shooter, with robots!—falls short of its potential here thanks to janky programming.

Soreyuke! Amida-Kun

A fast-paced arcade action game based on the classic Japanese amidakuji puzzle.

Radar Mission

Nintendo’s take on Battleship, this one livened up by a fast-paced multiplayer submarine warfare mode.

Monster Truck

An extraordinarily poor racing game based on the question, “What if Excitebike but unplayable?”


A pleasantly playable top-down racer that almost makes up for Monster Truck.

Ghostbusters II

A fantastic portable take on HAL’s cute Japan-only adaptation of the blockbuster film.


Black-and-white visuals and listless porting work severely undermine this port of a color-based NES puzzler.

Pop’n TwinBee

Konami’s cute-em-up series suffered a few compromises en route to Game Boy, but still managed to offer a good time.

Astro Rabby

A top-down platformer with plenty of personality and better playability than you might expect.

Nobunaga’s Ambition

Koei does a surprisingly convincing job of bringing its historic war sim to Game Boy.

SD Gundam Gaiden: Lacroan Heroes

A typically poor attempt to milk money from the Gundam franchise, this time by making it a callow Dragon Quest clone.

Fish Dude

One of Game Boy’s “holy grail” releases, and a metaphor for the futility of evolutionary struggle. Or something.

Mr. Chin’s Gourmet Paradise

A curious little platformer packed with muddled racial imagery and decidedly lacking in challenge.

Wheel of Fortune

A dire rendition of the popular TV show, redeemed only by its brain-dead challenge level.