Game Boy World 1989 (revised print edition)

The first book compiling articles and photography of all Game Boy releases has been revised into a larger format to better match up with upcoming volumes. (1990 Vol. 1 is coming very soon!)

This “XL” edition of Game Boy World features the same contents as as the earlier editions (barring a few minor edits). However, I’ve reworked the page layouts to accommodate this edition’s larger size — it’s 8×10″ versus 6×9″. The page count has dropped from 134 to 104, but again, nothing has been removed outside of some minor edits for corrections and readability.

This book features high-resolution photography of each game’s packaging; photos of the system and packaging; new screenshots captured directly from a Super Game Boy; scans of box art; and a variety of supplemental material on topics including region-locking, packaging design across territories, system co-creator Gunpei Yokoi, and more. It’s available in paperback through

Or if you really love me, you can buy it directly from CreateSpace, where it’s priced the same as on Amazon but gives me twice the royalty.

GBW 1989 XL Cover.indd

For the digitally minded, you can grab a PDF edition of the revised layout for $5 on Gumroad.


The book’s very first edition from early 2015 (Blurb hardcover, landscape-format layout) is still available for posterity, but it’s laughably expensive, which is why I switched over from Blurb to Amazon to begin with….


Hardcover Coffee Table Edition

80 pages, 10×8″, full color, with dust jacket: $58 [buy it here]

Both books feature identical contents in different layouts.

Note that Blurb shipping tends to be pretty expensive, so be sure to look around for a coupon code to bring it down to a more reasonable price. Amazon pricing fluctuates wildly, so with patience you should be able to acquire a copy for much less than the list price ($25).

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  1. Why does the Gumroad version say 55 pages?

  2. Jeremy,
    I love all of your video content, and would really like to purchase this book. However, the createspace links no longer work, and the Amazon prices are exhorbitantly expensive. Any plans for a reprinting?

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