Heiankyo Alien

The oldest game ever to appear on the original Game Boy, Heiankyo Alien faithfully adapts the classic PC trap-’em-up by the same name as well as introducing a visually overhauled remake with new features and aliens to contend with. Though simple and oddly named, it’s nevertheless a legitimate classic.

Heiankyo Alien

Japanese title: Heiankyo Alien • 平安京エイリアン
Publisher: Meldac
Release date: 1.14.1990 [JP] | 4.1990 [US]
Genre: Puzzle/Action (trap-’em-up)
Super Game Boy: None
Previous in series: None
Next in series: None
Similar titles: Hyper Lode Runner [Bandai1989], Boomer’s Adventure in Asmik World [Asmik, 1989]


heiankyo alien set heiankyo alien front heiankyo alien back heiankyo alien quarter 1 heiankyo alien quarter 2 heiankyo alien cart heiankyo alien manual

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  1. Interesting. I am really enjoying the videos – I grew up on handhelds and still find consoles a touch daunting, so it makes me happy to see the Game Boy (and eventually Game Boy Color) getting such an in-depth history and overview as has never been seen before.

  2. This game is in my current top 3 favorite GB titles. It’s so awesome that you get to choose new or old. I actually like the old version over the new one but in all fairness I haven’t played the new one all that much. My one gripe is that the game is a bit hard, and the luck factor can be a little strong which is not a good thing. Still though it’s a fascinating game and it’s fun!

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