Fans of Gradius might not recognize the name, but they’ll certainly recognize the style and rules of Nemesis. This vertical shooter set a high bar on the Game Boy thanks to its vivid graphics, excellent music, and incredibly flexible play style. A great game then and now.


Japanese title: Nemesis • ネメシス
Publisher: Konami [JP] Ultra Games [US] Palcom [EU]
Release date: Feb. 23, 1990 [JP] | 4.1990 [US] 1991 [EU]
Genre: Shooter (horizontal)
Super Game Boy: No enhancements
Previous in series: Nemesis II [MSX, 1987]
Next in series: Gradius: The Interstellar Assault [Aug. 9, 1991]
Similar titles: R-Type [Bits Studios/Irem1991] Magical Chase GB [Quest/Micro Cabin, 2000]



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  1. Typically great shots, but “horizontal shooter” is correct 🙂

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