A curious sci-fi reimagining of the game more commonly known as Snake, Taxan’s Serpent takes the venerable arcade classic Blockade and adds special attacks (as well as some sort of galactic war story) to the whole affair.


Japanese Title: かこむんじゃ • Kakomunjya
Publisher: Naxat/Taxan
Release date: 4.6.1990 [JP] 11.1990 [US]
Genre: Arcade
Super Game Boy: No enhancements
Previous in series: None
Next in series: None
Similar titles: Tron (Light Cycle mode) [Bally-Midway, 1982] • Snake [Nokia, 1997]



serpent set serpent front serpent back serpent quarter 1 serpent quarter 2 serpent cart serpent manua

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  1. Jericho GM

    I’m a huge fan of Serpent. I especially enjoy fighting the CPU in this game. Jeremy didn’t mention it but on the highest difficulty level, the CPU has the ability to switch his head to the other end of his body once you pin it down, allowing him to move again. So the only way to beat him is to either render both ends immovable (which is really, really difficult), or completely box him in with your body which causes his head to explode immediately. Add in the weapons and the controls and you have quite a bit of a challenge.

    I also found it interesting that they seemed to have crafted a sci-fi story there that we only got glimpses of in the start screen and in between matches. Really adds to the charm, I think.

    Alpha Force rules.

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