Featuring a profound lack of brick-headed silver space faces and more than enough surreality to make up for it, Cyraid turns out to be a ladder-kicking platform puzzler… and one of the better efforts so far.


Japanese Title: 爆裂戦士ウォーリア • Bakuretsu Senshi Warrior
 SAS Sakata
Publisher: Epoch/Nexoft
Release date: 4.13.1990 [JP] 3.1991 [US] 
Genre: Puzzle (platformer)
Super Game Boy: None
Previous in series: None
Next in series: Oha Suta Yama-chan & Raymond [Epoch, 1999 (Game Boy Color)]
Similar titles: Wrecking Crew [Nintendo, 1985 (NES), Lode Runner [TOSE/Bandai, 1989]



cyraid set cyraid front cyraid back cyraid quarter 1 cyraid quarter 2 cyraid cart cryraid manual

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  1. Not certain if I missed it in the video, but the level theme appears to be very clearly inspired by the Indiana Jones theme.

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