Nintendo and Minakuchi Engineering take Taito’s arcade classic under their first-party week to embellish it with multiplayer mechanics and Mario dressed as random ethnic stereotypes.


Japanese Title: クイックス • Qix
 Nintendo/Minakuchi Engineering
Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: 4.13.1990 [JP] 5.1990 [US] 1990 [EU]
Genre: Puzzle
Super Game Boy: Enhanced color palette
Previous in series: Super Qix [Taito, Arcade, 1987]
Next in series: Twin Qix [Taito, Arcade, 1995]
Similar titles: Gals Panic [Kaneko, Arcade, 1990]



qix set qix front qix back qix quarter 1 qix quarter 2 qix cart qix manual

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  1. This is one of my most beloved games for the Gameboy. It’s still as strangely addicting.

  2. At the moment this is my #1 favorite GB game, followed by Serpent and then Heiankyo Alien. I liked this game so much that I got the PS1 version QIX Neo and that is an amazing game a must have for fans of this one!

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