A startlingly wretched take on soccer (the other football) whose only interesting points are its bizarrely huge sprites and the fact that it may have been produced by the company that animated Ranma 1/2. Those facts are not enough to justify playing Soccer Mania, though!

Soccer Mania

Japanese title: Soccer Boy • サッカーボーイ
 Kitty Group
Publisher: Epic Sony Record [JP] | Sony Imagesoft [US]
Release date: 4.27.1990 [JP] 3.1992 [US]
Genre: Sports [soccer]
Super Game Boy: No enhancements
Previous in series: Power Soccer [Famicom, 1990]
Next in series: None
Similar titles: Nintendo World Cup [Technos/Nintendo1991], FIFA International Soccer [Probe/Malibu1995]



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