Snoopy’s Magic Show

Like so many licensed kids’ games of the ’80s and ’90s, Snoopy’s Magic Show had basically nothing at all to do with Peanuts: A generic action-puzzler. Always remember: Capcom’s NES Disney titles were the exception, not the rule.

Snoopy’s Magic Show

Japanese Title: スヌーピーのマジックショー • Snoopy Magic Show
Publisher: Kemco
Release date: 4.28.1990 [JP] 10.1990 [US] 1990 [EU]
Genre: Puzzle/Action
Super Game Boy: None
Previous in series: None
Next in series: Snoopy no Hajimete no Otsukai [Kemco, 1996]
Similar titles: Basically every Game Boy game ever


snoopy set snoopy front snoopy back snoopy quarter 1 snoopy quarter 2

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  1. I had this game on a multicart as a kid, and it was the first game that really made me wonder why anyone would willingly WANT to own or play it. It’s painfully dull, has absolutely zero sense of accomplishment, and requires little in the way of thinking or even concentrating on the action. You just mindlessly plod around the room picking up collectibles and hope the random behavior of obstacles don’t kill you. Not that it matters much if they do, since you have infinite continues and passwords, and each stage takes less than a minute to beat. It’s the type of game you’d only play to waste time and have nothing else to do, since it’s at least more entertaining than staring at a wall. Barely.

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