ZOIDS: ZOID Densetsu

Based on the toyline, Zoids Densetsu fails to live up the standard of even that middling property; it was, by far, the worst Game Boy release to that point.

ZOIDS: ZOID Densetsu

Japanese title: ZOIDS: ZOID DENSETSU • ZOIDS ゾイド伝説
Developer: Nova Games
Publisher: Tomy
Release date: 6.15.1990 [JP]
Genre: Shooter
Super Game Boy: None
Previous in series: Zoids 2: Zenebasu no Gyakushuu [Micronics/Toshiba EMI, 1989 (Famicom)]
Next in series: Zoids: Mokushiroku [Tomy, 1990 (Famicom)]
Similar titles: Nemesis [Konami1990], Solar Striker [Minakuchi Engineering/Nintendo1990]



zoids set

zoids front

zoids back

zoids quarter 2

zoids quarter 1

zoids manual

zoids cart

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  1. While definitely not the best shooter I’ve ever played, it’s also not the worst. It’s nice to see the various Zoid mechs in this game, certainly brings back memories for me when I use to build these things. Simple shooter reminds me of another GB shooter called Faibird, but Zoids is definitely a harder game between the 2.

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