The Game Boy’s first sequel builds on its most imitated game to date: Boxxle. Can basic box-pushing stand up to the fancier variants we’ve seen since? (Not really.)

Boxxle II

Japanese title: Soukoban 2 • 倉庫番2
Developer (Publisher): Atelier Double
Publisher (Developer): Pony Canyon/FCI
Release date: 6.22.1990 [JP]
Genre: Puzzle (Soukoban)
Super Game Boy: None
Previous in series: Boxxle [Atelier Double/Pony Canyon/FCI]
Next in series: None
Similar titles: Kwirk [Atlus1989], Q Billion [Seta1989]


boxxle 2 set

boxxle 2 front

boxxle 2 back

boxxle 2 quarter1

boxxle 2 quarter2

boxxle 2 cart

boxxle 2 manual

Special thanks to Steve Lin for helping source these images.