The Amazing Spider-Man

Lousy licensed Game Boy games are just as likely to come from western studios as Japanese! The Amazing Spider-Man is every bit as awful as Gundam or Zoids. Sorry, kids.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Developer: Rare
Publisher: LJN
Release date: 7.1.1990 [US] 1990 [EU]
Genre: Action (Platformer)
Super Game Boy: None
Previous in series: None
Next in series: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [Bits StudioLJN]
Similar titles: Robocop [Ocean1990], Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear [Rare/Acclaim1990]


spider-man set

spider-man front

spider-man back

spider-man quarter1

spider-man quarter2

spider-man cart

spider-man manual

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  1. Matt Jenkin

    I love that the box says that you would be playing the game for a long time. They knew this game was poorly developed.

  2. Matt Addison

    Oh man I remember this game. I was like 9 when this came out and just thought this game was hard not poorly developed. If I knew then what I know now.

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