Shisenshou: Match-Mania

By G.B. World, July 13, 1990

Irem makes its Game Boy debut with this adaptation of Tamtex’s arcade Shaghai variant, losing the original version’s color (and its smut) in translation to the portable.

Shinsenshou: Match-Mania

Japanese Title: 四川省 Match-Mania
Publisher: Irem
Release date: 7.13.1990 [JP]
Genre: Puzzle (Shanghai)
Super Game Boy: No enhancements
Previous in series: Shisenshou Joshiryou-hen: Sichuan I [Tamtex/Irem1987 (Arcade)]
Next in series: None
Similar titles: Shanghai [Tonkin House1989] Hong Kong [, 1990]


Match-Mania set

Match-Mania front

Match-Mania back

Match-Mania quarter 1

Match-Mania quarter 2

Match-Mania manual

Match-Mania cart

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