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Nov. 23: Caught up with posts through the current run of Game Boy Works, though they still need image galleries attached.


April 28: Posted Side Pocket.

April 27: Getting sporty with Extra Bases and HAL Wrestling.

April 25: Skate or Die and Radar Mission in the house.

April 23: Finally got Atomic Punk up.

April 22: Celebrating four years (!) of Game Boy Works with posts for Battle Ping Pong and Roadster.


April 20: So… I skipped 2017. But it’s time to get this site back up to date in advance of the new books. Patlabor is up first.


Dec. 15: Work has proceeded on pace despite the lack of update notes here. We’re now 15 updates into Game Boy World 1990 Vol. 2! The most recent posting is Power Missiøn. All updates now include complete manual scans, by the way.

June 11: Shinsenshou: Match-Mania page posted. Game Boy World 1990 Vol. 2 has begun!

May 2: Game Boy World 1990 Vol. 1 available for sale!

March 26: All published pages now have photo galleries! And I posted Spider-Man, but, eh.

March 8: OH SNAP, Game Boy World is now “Game Boy. World”… or rather, Go on, give it a try!

March 8: Volleyfire video and page now live.

March 7: All games from 1990 (Vol. 1, comprising Wizards & Warriors through Pipe Dream) now have photo galleries. Othello’s gallery remains incomplete and will be updated as soon as I can find the cartridge…

March 7: More photo galleries! Working backward, everything down to Mercenary Force now comes with a set of packaging photos. More to come!

March 2: Burai Fighter Deluxe now has a video and a full packaging photo gallery. Yowza!

February 23: Whew, I think we’re all caught up now: Card GameZoids DensetsuDexterity, and Boxxle II.

February 9: Alas! An update was missed. Please enjoy both Cosmo Tank and Catrap.

January 27: The Ultraman Club episode is up, along with ZOIDS Densetsu (the latter page will go up in a few weeks). No one feels good about this episode. Look, even Ultraman’s making the sign of the cross to ward off this evil.

January 13: Ayakashi no Shiro is live. If someone ever fan-translates it, I’ll go into greater depth on it someday.

January 6: OMG new year. To kick things off, here’s Heavyweight Championship Boxing. I love that, even though it has a sports photo and an Activision logo on the cover, you can tell this game was Japanese just from the title screen logo and music. (The ringside anime girl is a giveaway, too.)

We’re about 12 games from the middle of 1990 and the cutoff point for the first print volume of Game Boy World 1990!

December 15: Lock ’N Chase.

December 1: Gargoyle’s Quest! Wowza!

November 29: The About Game Boy World page has finally been given a long-overdue update to reflect the site methodology.

November 20: Oops, time to catch up! Popeye, Snoopy’s Magic Show, and Mercenary Force now are part of the Game Boy World family.

November 4: Made a single, significant change to the site: Only entries for games with videos are visible now.

November 3: Daedalian Opus has been added to the front page.

October 25: Game Boy World wises fwom its gwave after weeks of neglect. Blodia! Ninja Boy! Lupin III! Dead Heat Scramble! Soccer Mania! And more coming soon!

September 8: “I want you to tell your friends about me.” “Who are you!?” “I’m (the guy who made a video about) Batman.”

September 1: Kids, the Cyraid video is online. It’s a weird one, but pretty good.

August 30: Now you can watch a video about Qix by clicking from the front page. Wow!

August 20: Serpent has been posted to the front page.

August 11: It’s a sports-themed double-header featuring NFL Football and Soccer Mania, two completely terrible takes on different forms of football.

August 4: A Space Invaders super-episode, featuring the coolest piece of Game Boy programming the system ever saw.

July 28: It’s Trump Boy! This game has nothing do do with Donald Trump, so it’s merely dull instead of hideous.

July 21: For the 20th anniversary of Virtual Boy, a celebration of Game Boy and Virtual Boy designer Gunpei Yokoi (or Gumpei Yokoi, if you wanna go old school).

July 20: Added videos for Flappy Special and SD Gundam: SD Sengokuden: Kunitori Monogatari and stuck their pages to the main index.

July 11: Penguin Land! And also Penguin Wars. So many silly birds.

June 27: Hey kids, here’s Flipull.

June 24: The video edition of Quarth is now on the site.

June 13: Why yes, it’s Bases Loaded for Game Boy.

June 6: So many manuals! Japanese instruction booklets added for Tennis, Q Billion, The Sword of Hope, The Final Fantasy Legend, Golf, Master Karateka, Pachinko Time, and Shogi.

June 4: Japanese manual scans uploaded for Yakuman, Motocross Maniacs, Castlevania: The Adventure, and Malibu Beach Volleyball.

May 31: Nemesis closes out the month. Huzzah!

May 28: The first-ever Game Boy World twofer: Othello and Taikyoku Renju, together in the same video.

May 25: Brace yourself! It’s episode 30, Solar Striker.

May 21: Episode 29, Heiankyo Alien, is now live.

May 12: Japanese manuals added for: Super Mario Land, Baseball, Fist of the North Star, and Boomer’s Adventure.

May 9: More Japanese manuals: Hyper Lode Runner, The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, Kwirk, and Boxxle.

May 8: Japanese manual scans added for Tetris, Revenge of the Gator, Alleyway, and Shanghai.

May 7: Episode 28, World Bowling, now live and pinned to the front page.

April 30: Hero Shuugou! Pinball Party has been added to the video series. The Game Boy World 1990 YouTube playlist now exists. The Game Boy World 1989 book is now available as a PDF.

April 23: Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear.

April 22: You can now buy Game Boy World 1989 through and Amazon UK.

April 20: Game Boy World Gaiden Episode 1 is now live: A look at the Atari Lynx.

April 12: Game Boy World is now in print!

April 6: All games from 1989 now include high-resolution box scans of both U.S. and Japanese versions (where applicable).

April 3: Master Karateka is complete, and has been posted along with the 1989 roundup.

March 28: Added photos for Kwirk, Pachinko Time, Shogi, and Boomer’s Adventure in Asmik World. Also, an extensive series of photos for the Game Boy hardware.

March 27: The Sword of Hope is up, along with several other bits and bobs I’ve posted over the past couple of months (such as Boomer’s Adventure in Asmik World and Q Billion). The Game Boy World 1989 book, which compiles photos and text about all 1989 releases for the system, should be complete soon! Please look forward to it, as they say in Japan.

January 13: Site updates have been slow while I focus on the YouTube channel and build out the database behind-the-scenes, but a long-overdue post is here at last: Battleship. In other news, one of the video elements I’ve been working on has been the Direct Feed playlist, which consists of my raw capture footage for the Game Boy World videos. The goal is to embed raw video footage in each game’s gallery so you can get a sense of how each one plays. I’m capturing from real cartridges running on a Super Game Boy (now a more accurate Super Game Boy 2, actually) on an RGB-modded Super NES via an XRGB mini upscaler — a complex setup, but the goal is to capture the games authentically, without emulation, as crisply as possible.


November 13: Fist of the North Star. You are already reading about it.

November 7: Hey kids, it’s Shogi! Y-you don’t care about Shogi? Oh.

November 2: Added Japanese releases for March 1999. Busy month, apparently.

October 30: The Final Fantasy Legend has gone live. It’s the biggest article and biggest single-title video so far! Blame my mancrush on Akitoshi Kawazu…

October 28: Pachinko Time!

October 8: Added game releases from Jan. 1999 to the database.

October 3: A look at Nintendo’s Golf, which is pretty fun even if you’re like, “Meh, golf.”

September 28: Atlus’ Kwirk turns out to be remarkably fun — a solid puzzler and the start to a multi-game series.

September 10: Malibu Beach Volleyball joins the Game Boy World ranks. It’ll be your wingman anytime.

September 7: Finally, I’ve found a layout I love. Alas that it isn’t compatible with the 1000+ gallery images I’ve uploaded — they’re all a little too small — but otherwise it’s readable, informative, and attractive.

Also, a major change in presentation: All games that have been covered properly are now “stuck” to the top of the front page. This means the Game Boy image gallery will begin with the pieces for which I’ve created a full retrospective, and then all titles beyond that will be presented in a more minimal chronological gallery. As a game enters the fold of proper chrongaming coverage, it will jump to the top of the site. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before!

September 4: At the opposite end of the cool spectrum from Revenge of the Gator we have Castlevania: The Adventure. It shouldn’t have been like this.

August 29: Hey kids, it’s Revenge of the Gator. How cool!

August 18: I’ve switched over to a new site design for improved usability. Much as I liked the simple gallery style, finding things could be cumbersome. This places the tagging system that works for site navigation front-and-center, and moves the “main” index link (the A-Z listings page) to the top. I can also add a brief text blurb to every entry for a convenient front page summary. There are some issues that need to be worked through, like the theme’s insistence on blowing all gallery images in articles up to full size, and it absolutely crawls in Safari, but we’ll sort it out.

August 11: The heartbreakingly not-good Hyper Lode Runner descends upon us like a foul incubus.

August 9: Oops! I’d overlooked a handful of late ’98 Neo Geo Pocket releases. Now the database is complete through the end of 1998.

August 8: All releases through the end of 1998 are now in the database. Even the weird European-only ones no one seems to know anything about.

August 6: Motocross Maniacs!

August 5: All Japanese releases through the end of 1998 are now in the database.

August 3: Added photo image galleries for Tetris 2, Sports Illustrated: Golf Classic, Championship Pool, Shanghai, Metroid II, Motocross Maniacs, Super R.C. Pro-Am, QBillion, The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2, Looney Tunes.

August 1: Holy cats! The database listings have reached October 21, 1998, which means… Game Boy Color. And then they reached October 28, 1998, which means Neo Geo Pocket. The site has come a long way these past four months.

July 31: Added photo image galleries for Golf (U.S.), Motocross Maniacs, Super Mario Land (Japan), Hyper Lode Runner (Japan), Alleyway (U.S.), Battleship (U.S.), The Final Fantasy Legend (U.S.), The Sword of Hope (U.S.), and Boxxle (U.S.)

July 25: Added photo image galleries for Tetris, Tennis (Japan), Shanghai (Japan), Castlevania: The Adventure (U.S.), Hyper Lode Runner (U.S.), The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle/Mickey Mouse (Japan), Game Boy Wars Turbo, and Game & Watch Gallery 2 (Japan).

July 24: All Japanese releases for 1997 added to database.

July 22: The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle.

July 20: Added packaging photo gallery for Super Mario Land (U.S.), Tennis (U.S.), Baseball (U.S./Japan), Master Karateka, X, and Chalvo 55.

July 19: Added packaging photo gallery for Yakuman.

July 12: Completed Japanese game listings for 1996. Still need to add US/EU-only releases, but I think we can safely say the index of Game Boy/Game Boy Color releases has crossed the halfway mark.

July 10: Boxxle! Eh, it’s just Sokoban. Oh well.

June 30: The hiatus is over. We celebrate the American launch of the Game Boy with an extensive text and video piece on the system itself.

June 6: The index of Lynx games (official licensed releases) now complete.

June 2: For sheer insanity’s sake, I’ve added the complete (released) Virtual Boy library to the index. Yep.

June 1: Listings for 1995 complete. And a major milestone reached: The site index of chronological releases has arrived at the Japanese debut of Pokémon Red & Green! That bring us about halfway through the Game Boy/Game Boy Color catalog and primes the platform for the second wind that will hit midway through 1997. I’ll be taking a break from the site for a couple of weeks and resuming regular video productions after E3!

May 29: Listings for 1994 complete.

May 23: Listings for 1993 complete.

May 22: Greatly improved cross-linking to relevant tags in the game info boxes at the bottom of completed articles. Info box text now links to relevant publishers, years, genres, and games whenever possible.

May 18: Listings for 1992 complete.

May 15: Shanghai added, bringing third-party diversity to Game Boy. Almost.

May 10: Launch gem Tetris goes under the microscope.

May 6: In a possible fit of insanity, I’ve added Lynx listings to the site. So far we’re just at 1989’s releases, but more will be trickling in.

May 4: All “year” landing pages (the ones whose thumbnails divide up the years of game releases on the main page) now take you to a simple, comprehensive listing of all releases for that year. So far, we have 1989, 1990, and 1991.

Also, all articles have been tagged with the first letter of their titles, and alphabet tags have their own landing page. These tags will take you to a page that has all Game Boy releases listed so far whose given titles begin with that letter. Currently the listings are chronological rather than alphabetic, but I hope to resolve that with the aid of a plug-in.

Note that due to site backend limitations, each game can only have one title. Games are listed by their U.S. titles, unless they didn’t have a U.S. release. Games never released in the U.S. are listed by their European or Japanese titles as available and appropriate.

April 30: Yakuman (Nintendo, 1989)

April 25: Super Mario Land (Nintendo, 1989)

April 24: About Game Boy World (site mission statement)

April 23: Baseball (Nintendo, 1989)

April 21: Alleyway (Nintendo, 1989)

April 9: Welcome to the world of Game Boy (introductory message)

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  1. so far the 1990s games only have videos, no articles like the 1989s games. would you be writing articles for the 1990s games too?

    • Eventually, but no one actually read the write-ups until I put them in a book, so I’ll be writing them for the book first. Anything else is a waste of time.

  2. Besides comments on this site and the YouTube videos, is there an official(-ish) forum for talking about this project, or is up to other gaming sites to make their own topics if interested?

  3. Hi Jeremy, its a monumental task which your undertaking here and after your discussion on the last (maybe second to last) Retronauts podcast of your current setup to capture the video for the site, I must say its a brilliant job that you are doing, keep up the good work.

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    I hope you’re still going to update, it’s great to find out about these games’ history in your articles and vids. This stuff would just be forgotten if it wasn’t for people like you

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