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Yet another busted and tedious attempt to bite off Dragon Quest‘s success.

After Burst

A fun idea—a puzzle platform shooter, with robots!—falls short of its potential here thanks to janky programming.

Astro Rabby

A top-down platformer with plenty of personality and better playability than you might expect.

Atomic Punk

Long before the concept of coherent branding existed, Bomberman made a Game Boy appearance… under a different name.

Amazing Penguin

A charming little puzzler that stands out from the system’s glut of puzzlers thanks to its fast-paced, addictive gameplay.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Lousy licensed Game Boy games are just as likely to come from western studios as Japanese! The Amazing Spider-Man is every bit as awful as Gundam or Zoids. Sorry,…

Ayakashi no Shiro

The first of approximately half a dozen first-person RPGs ever to appear on Game Boy, Ayakashi no Shiro plays by the rules laid down by Wizardry but switches…


You can see the Game Boy’s roots in the Game & Watch series on clear display in Nintendo’s first generation of releases for the system, and nowhere more…