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F1 Race

A technological marvel: A 3D racing game for as many as four players, on Game Boy.

Fish Dude

One of Game Boy’s “holy grail” releases, and a metaphor for the futility of evolutionary struggle. Or something.


SNK makes its Game Boy debut with a game remarkably similar to partner developer ADK’s arcade classic Make Trax. Hmm!

Flappy Special

  Another old-school PC conversion. Another Soukoban variant. DB-Soft and Victor definitely were not on a mission to radically change the way we thinking about Game Boy software…


Game Boy gets a port of Taito’s arcade game Plotting… under a different title for some reason. Popular in Japan and Europe, Flipull only ever came to the…

The Final Fantasy Legend

Kawazu: The man, the myth, the legend Akitoshi Kawazu may be my all-time favorite video game auteur. He’s not your typical Hideo Kojima or David Cage, though — no film-obsessed…