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F1 Race

A technological marvel: A 3D racing game for as many as four players, on Game Boy.

Radar Mission

Nintendo’s take on Battleship, this one livened up by a fast-paced multiplayer submarine warfare mode.

Balloon Kid

The ambitious charming sequel to NES classic Balloon Fight, before the Hello Kitty makeover.

Boulder Dash

The European equivalent of Dig Dug comes to Game Boy with an appealing visual makeover.

Dr. Mario

Nintendo had huge success with Tetris, so rather than wait for another hit to come across their desk they rolled their own. It’s OK… but it’s no Tetris.

Burai Fighter Deluxe

The fast-paced NES shoot-em-up comes to Game Boy with most of its content and mechanics intact, almost day and date with its console sibling. Pretty impressive!


Nintendo and Minakuchi Engineering take Taito’s arcade classic under their first-party week to embellish it with multiplayer mechanics and Mario dressed as random ethnic stereotypes.


A video adaptation of Pressman’s reversi board game. While Acclaim published the NES game on which this rendition was based in the U.S., the Game Boy release was only ever…

Solar Striker

Game Boy’s first vertical shoot-em-up. Simple and clean, Solar Striker may not impress these days, but that’s by design: What seems painfully limited in 2015 made for a…


The testament of a great game: Even if you don’t care about the subject matter or genre, a player can still appreciate its quality and refinement. So it goes…


It took a couple of months, but we finally have the first third-party release for Game Boy… though only just barely. These days, Shanghai publisher HAL Laboratory is…


So. Tetris. Has any game ever defined a platform so clearly? Wii Sports, probably. Possibly Halo. But Tetris didn’t merely move systems – though it certainly did that – it established…

Gunpei Yokoi

The father of the Game Boy. Gunpei Yokoi’s design philosophies shaped not only the direction of the Game Boy, but Nintendo’s creative DNA as well.


You can see the Game Boy’s roots in the Game & Watch series on clear display in Nintendo’s first generation of releases for the system, and nowhere more…


When Game Boy launched in Japan, it arrived with four games (each sold separately, of course). Most of them made their way to the West – as did…


Nintendo didn’t launch the Game Boy in Europe until late 1990 – more than a year after the Japanese and American launches. Unlike with consoles, power standards weren’t the…

Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land was the big release for Game Boy’s launch – the can’t-fail hit designed to move systems by the million right as the world was caught in Mario…

Nintendo Game Boy (DMG-001)

Administrative note: Please consider supporting this site through Patreon! The Game Boy Before we talk about the Game Boy hardware, let’s talk about what came before Game Boy. The…