Tag: racing

F1 Race

A technological marvel: A 3D racing game for as many as four players, on Game Boy.

Monster Truck

An extraordinarily poor racing game based on the question, “What if Excitebike but unplayable?”


A pleasantly playable top-down racer that almost makes up for Monster Truck.

SunSoft Grand Prix

A competent racing game for its time, which means nothing you’d want to bother with these days.

Dead Heat Scramble

An interesting, albeit failed, attempt to find a workable format for racing within the cramped confines of the Game Boy hardware. This top-down offroad-ish game doesn’t quite pull…

Motocross Maniacs

To be realistic about it, there were only so many ways you could make a racing game in the days before true 3D graphics came around: Top-down, isometric,…