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Go! Go! Tank!

A frustrating action puzzle game that crashes and burns due to its awful control interface.

Square Deal

A falling-block puzzle game that is also a poker-inspired card-matching game.

Parasol Henbee

A Chubby Cherub-esque platformer based on a short-lived Japanese animation by the creator of Doraemon.


The all-time arcade classic goes portable in a decent enough rendition that leaves room for improvement.


Yet another busted and tedious attempt to bite off Dragon Quest‘s success.

David Crane’s The Rescue of Princess Blobette

The exploratory puzzle-like NES platformer shows up on Game Boy in a massively stripped-down form.

Trump Boy II

Pretty much just the first Trump Boy, hastily reissued to take advantage of the 4-Player Adapter.

F1 Race

A technological marvel: A 3D racing game for as many as four players, on Game Boy.

Rolan’s Curse

A flawed but well-meaning attempt to do the Zelda thing, or something like it.

After Burst

A fun idea—a puzzle platform shooter, with robots!—falls short of its potential here thanks to janky programming.

Soreyuke! Amida-Kun

A fast-paced arcade action game based on the classic Japanese amidakuji puzzle.

Radar Mission

Nintendo’s take on Battleship, this one livened up by a fast-paced multiplayer submarine warfare mode.

Monster Truck

An extraordinarily poor racing game based on the question, “What if Excitebike but unplayable?”


A pleasantly playable top-down racer that almost makes up for Monster Truck.

Ghostbusters II

A fantastic portable take on HAL’s cute Japan-only adaptation of the blockbuster film.


Black-and-white visuals and listless porting work severely undermine this port of a color-based NES puzzler.

Pop’n TwinBee

Konami’s cute-em-up series suffered a few compromises en route to Game Boy, but still managed to offer a good time.

Astro Rabby

A top-down platformer with plenty of personality and better playability than you might expect.

SD Gundam Gaiden: Lacroan Heroes

A typically poor attempt to milk money from the Gundam franchise, this time by making it a callow Dragon Quest clone.

Fish Dude

One of Game Boy’s “holy grail” releases, and a metaphor for the futility of evolutionary struggle. Or something.

Mr. Chin’s Gourmet Paradise

A curious little platformer packed with muddled racial imagery and decidedly lacking in challenge.

Balloon Kid

The ambitious charming sequel to NES classic Balloon Fight, before the Hello Kitty makeover.

Maru’s Mission

An entry in the long-running Ninja Jajamaru-kun series that feels like it’s going to fly to pieces at any moment.

SunSoft Grand Prix

A competent racing game for its time, which means nothing you’d want to bother with these days.