Hello! Welcome to Game Boy World!

But what is Game Boy World, you ask?

Game Boy World is – or will be – a slowly growing informational resource for Nintendo’s original handheld console, the Game Boy. The Game Boy is one of gaming’s most important and enduring systems, yet it’s badly underserved by the gaming community. Everyone lavishes love on NES, Super NES, Genesis, even TurboGrafx, but despite being one of the best-selling consoles ever, Game Boy tends to be deprecated. As a result, there’s a dearth of information available about much of the system’s history available online. Meanwhile, the system offers untold gems waiting to be unearthed for the world’s amusement. With a massive, readily available library and a general lack of collective interest, the Game Boy is begging to be canonized properly. Now that the system is 25 years old, I figure it’s high time.

Not quite a database, not quite a wiki, not quite a “chron-gaming” site, I hope to make Game Boy World a comprehensive chronological listing of all software and accessories released for the original Game Boy, and possibly beyond. At its basic level, the site will offer complete chronological listings for the platform, but in time I intend to add content to each entry: Staff data when available, box art for all regions, and screen shots. At a more involved level, I hope to be able to incorporate information about each game as well as an in-depth review. In a perfect world, there’ll even be video.

Obviously this is a lot of work, and I will need help. At the moment, I’m considering setting up a Patreon to be able to recruit paid volunteers, but nothing is set in stone yet. In any case, Game Boy World will be an extremely long-term project.

In the meantime, if you happen to have any disused Game Boy software, accessories, or paraphernalia laying around that you’d like to donate, I will gladly accept them. I’m currently working to source cartridges of every game I can possibly find and am about halfway through 1989, but anyone who would like to throw in others (or even better, manuals and boxes, or simply scans thereof) would be a hero to me.

Thank you!

Jeremy Parish
April 2014